Neil helps companies reshape their workplace culture, and avoid problems before they happen

Many attorneys spend most of their time helping get their clients out of trouble after they’re already in it. Neil is good at that, but what he prefers to do, is to help his clients avoid getting into trouble in the first place.


To do that, Neil uses a couple of unique strategies. The first and most important is to graduate to a world free from hourly billing. Because Neil focuses exclusively on matters relating to the employer-employee relationship, he becomes, in effect, an outsourced Director of Human Resources for his clients. He develops policies, procedures and processes, drafts and edits forms and contracts,  conducts training, drafts and oversees employee communications programs, and answers day-to-day questions, all for a single, all-inclusive monthly fee.

Importantly this means that his clients do not need to fear the “ticking clock” when they call Neil. This makes it more likely they will call, and less likely they will run into the kinds of problems that Neil’s advice so effectively helps them avoid.

Let Neil show you how his years and breadth of experience, can benefit your company in the years to come.


Law Office of Neil Stern

2044 W. Roscoe Unit 3N

Chicago, IL 60618


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