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Say goodbye to hourly billings. Imagine a world in which your organization knows ahead of time precisely what its monthly legal bill will be. And imagine that, in that world, you will pay the same, low monthly fee whether you call your attorney once, or twice a day, every day.


It’s like having your own in-house labor counsel, but without the costs you’d incur to have to find and hire one.


The benefits of such an arrangement are many, but to name just a few:


 - Your organization can amortize the cost of large legal projects (e.g. an employment practices review, handbook creation or employee training program) over an extended period of time, thus minimizing any hit to your bottom line. Note that this is especially valuable for Neil’s unionized clients, for whom the costs of negotiating their union contracts can be amortized across a three or four-year period.


  • Lends predictability to an expense item that otherwise might gyrate unpredictably.

  • Your organization can seek legal advice on even the smallest matters, without having to worry about the “ticking clock”.


  • Even more important, by seeking legal advice on the small matters, Neil can help ensure that they
    stay small.


  • By getting “off the clock” Neil has the freedom to dig into your business and operate less as an outside lawyer, and as more of an in-house counsel or even your business partner.


Depending on the nature of your business and the number of employees you have, Neil’s Fixed Fee Retainers are very affordable, starting at just a few hundred dollars a month. Call us to see whether such an arrangement is right for your organization.

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