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Many employers routinely review their financial performance and operational processes, yet give less thought to their equally (or more) important relationships with their employees. Whether your organization employs two or two hundred employees, a review of your employment practices does not just reveal areas of potential legal liability, although that is an important outcome. But equally important, it can reveal opportunities for greater efficiency, improved employee communications, morale, individual performance outcomes and retention, and ultimately, improved performance at the organizational level as well.


Neil’s “365 Degree Employee Relations Review looks at the entire cycle of your organization’s employee relationships. It looks at your company’s practices at each of the “inflection points” at which an organization has the opportunity to get things right.  We then provide an assessment of any improvements that can be made, all tailor-made to the outcomes that your organization most desired.

Here is a list of the types of inflection points we commonly look at in our Employee Relations Reviews:




Wage, Salary and Bonus structures and policies

Offer letters and employment contracts

Noncompetes, nonsolicitation policies and NDAs

Employee Handbooks and other written policies

Employee Communications Practices

Training (e.g., safety, anti-harassment, etc.)

Performance appraisal systems

Promotions and salary reviews

Employee discipline

Termination/separation practices (e.g., exit interviews, severance pay policies, releases, etc.)


Each Employment Practices Review leads to a report that makes specific recommendations for corrective action and can help your organization set its priorities over the short, mid and long terms.


Our reviews are a highly cost-effective way to give your organization a performance boost while helping it to minimize the risk of expensive litigation. Call us now to discuss how to get an ERR onto your calendar. You’ll be glad you did.

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